More than just worship

Our Worship Arts team is passionate about drawing the presence of God and then pouring all of our love, attention, affection and passion upon Jesus as He encounters us. There is no better place to be than in the presence of God. Our Worship Arts teams are comprised of talented and passionate artists who create worship with their voices, their instruments, with technology, and creativity. 

Whether through music, dance, design, technology, or acting, worship is the art of communion with Christ.

FPC Music

Simply stated, FPC Music is the team that is responsible for the musical aspect of worship at Focal Point Church. This is a family of musicians, singers, and worship leaders. This team is responsible for drawing the presence of God, leading others to a deep connection with Him, and navigating after the movement of the Holy Spirit as a team. They are expected to operate at a high musical and spiritual level in order to fulfill this calling.


Our Tech.Arts Team works behind the scenes to creatively and effectively enhance each service through quality media and technical support. The Tech.Arts Team is comprised of volunteers (both experienced and inexperienced) who serve as Producers, Sound Engineers, Lighting & Video Technicians, and Stage Crew. They work together to ensure that all media and technical elements of the service are carried out with excellence.