Cancer Survivor

Today I’m alive, a cancer survivor, because of Gods love for me. As I was up early one morning just surfing tv, I kept stopping on a breast cancer program; there was actually nothing on that caught my attention except for this 1 program. So I watched and I was surprised by some new information that I learned: it said if you see a dimple on your breast it could be an indication of cancer. I thought I would go take a look in the bathroom mirror. As soon as I lifted my arm, I saw it: a dimple. I’d always done my self exams. I was 39 so I had not had a mammogram yet.

I didn’t waste time; I went to my GYN on Monday and by Friday after a biopsy and results I got the call “Candi it’s cancer.” That’s when my journey began: 6 months of chemo, hair loss, black nails, double mastectomy, weeks of recovery, expanders, radiation and reconstruction. From day 1 I knew God was going to use my journey. So I decided to share every step on social media and any woman I met on the street. I know He saved my life so I gave it back to Him. Every week at service I felt Gods healing tough during worship service. I believe during worship I was being healed as I lifted my hands, my arms stretching higher and higher with no pain. I felt most alive during this journey during the time of worship than any other time. I’m grateful for our church and the amazing worship ministry.