Prayed for courage

I went to planet smoothie yesterday my first time ever and as the woman behind the counter approached me, we spoke and she told me she is newly Christian - previously Muslim - and told me she wasn’t sure how to tell her family and friends of her new faith. She’s afraid to be persecuted or shunned by her family. Right then and there I prayed with her and she cried.  I believe she has a big calling to share the Good News with her friends and family that have yet to accept Jesus. 

Bringing the Kingdom near

Last week the Lord put in my Heart to call a work friend From 4 yrs ago in Wyndham. I originally reached out to invite to the Mens BBQ. I come to find out that in the last 2 yrs. He has been battling with back pains due to an accident he had and complications with dislocated vertebrae and disk. He has been on epidural all kinds of treatments and no relief. He was already preped for surgery last month , but do to pneumonia, the surgery had to be cancelled. In that moment I prayed for him and told him that God wanted him to know that He is there with him and His Kingdome has come near to him. He said he was so grateful for the words and was going to be at the event. I invited him to the Growth group but  was not able to go last week because of the pain, but this week God gave him the strength and he attended the meeting and was able to be there the entire time, he did not think he could be there for more than half an hour , thats why he rarely leaves the home  at the end all the brothers in the group laid hands over him and prayed for healing. He was so uplifted and said will be back. Glory to God!

I have Jesus in my heart

On Tuesday, my team and I were processing the shipment that was delivered for the day. I had Z88.3 streaming on my phone and I was signing along, joking around with the team... just genuinely in a good mood. My stock manager asked me out loud, in front of my Assistant Manager and my stock team, “Tony, why are you always in a good mood? You always seem to be happy.” Without even thinking about it I said “It’s because I have Jesus in my heart and he brings me joy every morning”. Yet again, the Grace of God and the Boldness of The Holy Spirit allowed me to speak in confidence, without hesitation, about my faith.