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By God’s grace and divine provision, our church was built on the land given to us by neighboring real estate developers. Since its opening in this location, we have seen hundreds of people transformed by Christ in this very building. Over that time we have grown from 240 people on a Sunday morning to an average of 800-900 attendees every week.

Due to the rapid growth of our church, we have maxed out our capacity on Sundays. We have seen families restored, young revival carriers built up in their faith, and miraculous healings. But now we are at a point where we need to advance toward phase two of our building so we can reach more people for the sake of Jesus Christ. Now we have the opportunity to expand our building to create more room for God to advance through our congregation. Instead of being limited due to our space, there will be more opportunity to raise leaders, reach our city, and see even more lives healed and transformed.

what can you do?

We are asking our church family to honor God by committing to a three-year giving campaign above your regular tithe. Your gifts to “Advance” will enable us to build the second phase of our facility. Please be in prayer with us that our goal of $1.7 million will be met.

Over the years, God has given us many promises and visions. One of these visions came 19 years ago, during a prayer meeting. It was a vision of the church God was going to build on our property. The church was packed with people from different ethnicities. They were full of life, and God’s presence moved powerfully in that place.

This church would impact cities and nations. It would be a place that would raise up servants of God, going out to many parts of the earth, and it would also play a role in bringing forth the younger generation, which would help usher in a move from God. This church would bring in a harvest of souls and make mighty disciples. Those are promises we have been holding onto for the past 19 years. And it has been an amazing 19 year journey.

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